Sarah Dosanjh presents ‘Working with Compulsive Overeating’

Date: Saturday, 8th September
Time: 9:45 a.m – 4:30 p.m
Fee: £65

Sarah Dosanjh

This CPD workshop will explore some of the challenges faced by therapists when working with clients who struggle with overeating compulsively.

During this workshop, participants will be introduced to some of the latest thinking around the complex factors involved in compulsive overeating and bingeing, as well as some of the common blocks clients face when trying to gain control of their eating and weight.

We will look at the on going debate of food addiction and explore ways to support our clients in finding well being and peace of mind in relation to their eating and body image.

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Harriet has helped me find new ways of understanding and navigating relationships in my life as well as manage the anxiety, depression and grief I experienced after the loss of my father.
Sarah, SW9