Family Constellations with Chris Williams

A unique approach to liberating potential


Suffering, repetitive patterns, or even a general sense of stuckness in our lives, often occur as a result of unresolved relational issues. The source of the difficulty may lie beyond our awareness, often in the systems to which we belong such as our current relationship, family of origin or workplace. These are the kind of issues that can be a constant source of concern, and resistant to our best efforts.

The constellating approach is a simple, solutions-focused methodology that we can use to investigate and resolve difficult and seemingly intractable issues. By bringing the unseen dynamics of family and other systems to light, it enables us to free ourselves and those we love from suffering and energy-sapping patterns, giving us strength and energy to fully take our place in life and realise more our deeper purpose and potential.

Constellations is a unique approach to healing that was originally developed by Bert Hellinger from both western therapeutic sources and indigenous traditions. It can promote deep levels of resolutions for issues such as:

  • Relationship difficulties between partners, parents and children
  • Inability to achieve what we want in life, problems with money or career
  • Persistent behavioral symptoms (such as drug/alcohol misuse, eating disorders, accident proneness and others)
  • Self-harm and suicidal tendencies
  • Persistent emotional symptoms (such as rage, depression, lack of motivation etc)

What happens in a workshop?

The workshop provides an opportunity to explore your own issues in a safe, confidential environment with approximately twelve people. First, under the guidance of the facilitator, you are helped to clarify your issue. Then, using members of the group as representatives of your system, you place them in relation to each other.

By creating a living map or ‘constellation’ of ‘what is’ – which is often different from our mental pictures, family myths or agreed stories – we can begin to see and take in profoundly moving realities. The facilitator will also work with blockages revealed, enabling you to move forward towards a resolution of your issue.

Witnessing and serving as a representative in other people’s constellations also often touches us in a deep and healing way.

There are some issues that we face that may seem impossible to resolve. The roots of our limitations and suffering can lie in the unconscious forces of the family system. And it is because these dynamics are hidden that they are difficult to observe. Family Constellations is a systemic psychotherapy that can identify and resolve these forces. Based on the work of Bert Hellinger, it is a ‘solution orientated’ process, which searches for what might be the most healing outcome for an individual.

About the Facilitator:

Chris Williams is UKCP registered gestalt psychotherapist and a senior accredited BACP counsellor with a well-established practice in South London. He studied Family Constellations with Hellinger Institute of Britain and the Nowhere Foundation and is currently director of the Centre for systemic Constellations, the London-based training organisation.

Chris is a member of ‘movingconstellations’ which offers workshops and training courses in the UK, USA, Australia and throughout Europe.

Chris Williams
Chris Williams


5th & 6th December 2020

6th & 7th February
17th & 18th April
12th & 13th June
3rd & 4th July
25th & 26th September
27th & 28th November


£190.00 including VAT per individual issue holders
£330.00 including VAT per couple (covers both issue holders)
£95.00 including VAT per resource

Bursaries available by application

To Book:

For further information and to book your two day course, please contact Chris on 07905 623 330, or by email at

Cancellation policy: Chris Williams requests that you pay for your place on the workshop in full. This will be a non-refundable payment.