Voices, Visions and Unusual Beliefs – An Introduction to Psychosis

A one day CPD workshop with Anna Minogue BSc psych; MA psych; UKCP accredited

Saturday 28th March 2020
5 hours CPD

Voices, visions and unusual beliefs represent some of the core features of psychosis. What is happening to someone in these states of mind and what can be done to help? This one day workshop for counsellors and psychotherapists aims to demystify psychosis, throw light on how and why psychosis may develop and how counsellors and psychotherapists might be able to help.

By the end of this workshop you will be better able to: define psychosis and identify the range of clinical diagnoses that may involve these types of experience; describe a range of explanatory models of psychosis including medical, psychological and cultural understandings; identify the treatment pathways and NICE recommended psychological interventions for psychosis; identify key practice issues for counsellors, psychotherapists and others in the helping role.

*Please note this fee is non-refundable

Indicative Content:

  • What is psychosis?
  • Voices, visions and other perceptual experiences explained
  • Unusual beliefs: what does it mean to be ‘delusional’?
  • Clinical diagnoses that feature psychosis
  • Causes of psychosis – explanatory models: medical, psychological and social, psychodynamic, cultural and spiritual perspectives
  • Psychosis as functional coping
  • Arriving at a shared understanding
  • Psychosis and risk: issues for assessment and management
  • NICE recommended treatment pathways
  • Medication: issues to be aware of, intended and unintended side effects
  • Critique of mainstream medical approaches to psychosis
  • Psychotherapies for psychosis: overview of the main therapeutic approaches to living with and recovering from psychosis including CBT, psychodynamic, family and systemic and integrative therapies
  • Coping with psychosis: essentials of self-care, planning for crisis
  • The role of peer support: Hearing Voices Network and Paranoia Network
  • Therapist self-care and effective use of supervision
  • Further reading and resources for psychosis

During the day, there will be information sharing, discussion, practical exercises, case studies, handouts and a resource list provided.

Facilitator: Anna Minogue

Anna Minogue is a UKCP Integrative psychotherapist and supervisor with 15 years clinical practice and 25 years hands-on experience in mental health support work and management, including 10 years in mental health crisis services. Anna runs a private practice in North London and is a senior trainer and consultant for Mind, the mental health charity.

Anna Minogue