Alison Gee
Alison Gee
Works with:Individuals
Locations:NHS Wandsworth
Enhanced DBS Checked

Alison Gee

  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Workplace Issues

Alison Gee’s sessions give clients the opportunity to share what is troubling them in a safe and supportive environment. However difficult the subject, however stressful it has been to carry it alone, Alison creates a safe space for clients to unburden themselves and work through how best to tackle these issues together.

She has an integrative approach which means she draws on different techniques and therapeutic approaches to best suit the client’s personality, needs, and comfort levels with therapy. In practice this means she can help clients to uncover the root cause of their issue and process it there, or keep things practical and focused on how to manage life’s stresses in the moment.

Alison’s particular areas of interest and experience are relationships, stress, self-esteem issues and work-related problems. Her work in relationship therapy focuses on helping clients manage challenges in their current partnership or marriage as well as reflecting on past and future ones. Equally, she helps clients in navigating difficulties with family relationships, in-laws, spouses and children. Alison offers support in understanding what is driving relationship conflict and how to make a positive change.

With more than 25 years professional experience, Alison further supports her clients in managing work-related stress, conflict at work and its impact on clients’ mental health. She works with anxiety, loss, grief, depression and isolation in all its forms.

Alison is registered with the NCP and sees NHS patients for counselling at a counselling centre in Wandsworth with The Awareness Centre’s NHS counselling service. She is currently working towards a diploma in psychosexual and couple counselling.

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