Gerry Stergiopovlos
Works with:Individuals
Languages:English, Greek
Locations:NHS Counselling Service Wandsworth
Enhanced DBS Checked

Gerry Stergiopoulos

  • Anxiety
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Depression
  • Self-Esteem

Gerry utilises person-centred and psychodynamic theory to explore both immediate issues that affect the present, as well as looking at established negative patterns of thought and behaviour. Gerry has an extensive background in Prehistoric Archaeology and brings this academic field into therapy by exploring how evolutionary psychology and “primitive” instincts (hardwired after millennia of hunter-gatherer existence) guide our human behaviour. Just like a physical archaeologist reconstructs an ancient civilization from broken pottery or buried architectural remains, a Psychodynamic therapist aims to reconstruct the unconscious story of their client’s mind from clues and fragments. Once those hidden aspects are made conscious, they are “worked through” in the therapy room, so that they can be “emotionally utilised”. This way they will no longer have the power to control the client’s life.

After graduating with three degrees from Edinburgh University, Gerry trained at Sotheby’s auction house and worked as an art cataloguer. Following a personal experience of loss and bereavement, Gerry embarked into a journey of self-discovery, including 14 years of individual and group therapy, as well as studies of self-development, which are always ongoing.  He has studied, practised, and taught mindfulness and meditation techniques for a number of years and often integrates these into the therapeutic process. He also trained in EMDR therapy and uses it on clients who may experience PTSD. He has spent the past decade coaching women with low self-esteem/confidence issues and has written and edited self-help books for Penguin Random House as well as articles for the Daily Mail, Sun, Vanity Fair and more. He is currently writing a new book on how modern living is affecting our mental health, with practical strategies on how to live with depression. His books have been published in 11 countries and have become bestsellers in Italian, Estonian and Russian.

Gerry is a degree-qualified Integrative therapist, and as a member of the BACP he works in accordance with their ethical framework.  Gerry currently works as a placement counsellor within The Awareness Centre’s NHS service for Wandsworth.

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