JH PhotoRoom.png PhotoRoom Jackie Hylton
Works with:Individuals
Locations:LCCS Clapham

Jackie Hylton

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationships

  • Stress

Jackie takes a client led approach and facilitates a safe and confidential space where clients feel comfortable to share what is most important to them and what is causing upset in their lives.  Jackie supports and encourages clients to develop a greater awareness of who they are and how they relate to themselves and to others.  Jackie also works with clients to explore useful resources to enable them to create a more satisfying life experience.

As a qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist and Yoga Teacher,  Jackie has had many years of working with clients of varying ages and backgrounds.  A Mother and Grandmother, Jackie has a wealth of life experience and the skill to work sensitively and empathetically.  Jackie believes in working with and supporting individual during particularly challenging periods of their lives and also believes that we all at some time need some empathetic and non judgemental support to help us on our way.

Jackie is an Trainee Integrative Counsellor and draws from the Person Centred and Psychodynamic approach to support clients in exploring present issues and emotions, as well as supporting clients who would like to explore past experiences and relationships to understand how they may be affecting the present.

Currently working  towards her Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Course, Jackie has previously completed Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills, Introduction to Psychoanalytic Study and Psychoanalytic Study.

As a member of the BACP,  Jackie is currently available for counselling sessions with clients in the Low Cost Services in Clapham and encourages all clients who have not had an experience of counselling previously to take that important brave first step.

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