Karen Dempsey

Karen Dempsey - Clinical Supervisor

Karen Dempsey is a trainer and clinical supervisor at The Awareness Centre. She is a UKCP-registered transpersonal integrative psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, with a private practice in south London.

Karen has worked with The Awareness Centre (TAC) since 2014, when she was team leader within TAC’s NHS counselling service, and as content writer within the TAC marketing team.

She supervises groups and individuals, adapting her approach to support the development needs of trainees and qualified therapists who are working short term and/or long term with clients. As well as supervising placement therapists at TAC, Karen runs supervision groups for a charity and a training institution, and she manages the counselling service for an adult education college.

In addition to facilitating TAC’s counselling placement training weekends, Karen teaches the short-term counselling module at CCPE, and runs writing for wellbeing workshops.

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