Kelly Anne Freeman
Kelly Anne Freeman
Works with: Individuals
Sessions: Face-to-Face
Languages: English
Locations: Low Cost Clapham
Enhanced DBS Checked

Kelly Anne Freeman

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Life-Transitions
  • Self-Esteem

Kelly Anne Freeman supports her clients in an empathetic, open minded way as they explore their inner truths. She walks beside them and supports them, as they explore sometimes challenging parts of their internal landscape to find the answers in life that work for them. Kelly is trained in person centred counselling, but is willing to borrow from other approaches to work in a way that truly works for the client as an individual, because she truly believes that one size does not fit everyone and she respects the client’s unique qualities. She does this in a way that does not deviate from her core approach.

Kelly, before she became a counsellor, worked in roles that put her in the position of supporting people going through emotionally difficult and trying times in their lives. As a result she has come to understand the pressures people put on themselves and how this can affect a person’s self esteem. Supporting those around her with anxiety and depression has given her an insight into working with these issues and how it can feel to live with them. At present she hasn’t chosen a speciality, but she is willing to work and support people from any background with problems in living.

Kelly is a trainee counsellor in Person Centred counselling. She is registered as a student member of the BACP. She is currently working towards a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

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