Lauren Hooper
Lauren Hooper
Works with:Individuals
Locations:TAC Clapham

Lauren Hooper

  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Self-Esteem

Lauren Hooper is a warm, genuine, caring person who believes that in a therapeutic relationship that is sincere and without judgement people will naturally develop their capacity for self- love and self -acceptance. Very often we are surrounded by harsh critics whose love, recognition and approval we sometimes seek, which may lead us to lose touch with who we really are and the life we want to live. It is sometimes this recognition that is the starting point for seeking help in trying to untangle the confusion between our true selves and what others seem to want us to be.

Sometimes we are shaken to the core when it feels like everything in our life is changing and we have lost our sense of safety, of belonging and of being able to predict what will happen next. Our intimate and family relationships break down, our adult children grow up and leave home, we retire or lose our jobs, or someone we love dies and we are bereft. Or we suddenly find ourselves at home with young children and the familiar anchors of our identity have shifted and we lose a sense of ourselves.

Psychotherapy offers the possibility to explore our authentic thoughts and feelings and to consider the impact on our lives of events and relationships that are both happening right now or happened long ago when we were young and defenceless. Lauren has an integrative approach and believes that we all have our unique potential to lead an authentic, creative and meaningful life. She believes that gaining understanding of how we have been shaped by all our experiences can help us to better understand our current difficulties and to restore our faith in our own feelings and perceptions.

Lauren has been working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy for 20 years and lectures on a person centred diploma and B.A degree. She began her training working in bereavement care and has a special interest in life transitions, personal identity and growth. Lauren also works as a counselling supervisor in both private practice and counselling training.

Lauren is an integrative psychotherapist working in private practice at The Awareness Centre in Clapham. She has a post-graduate diploma in integrative psychotherapy and is registered with the BACP. Her other qualifications include certificates in bereavement counselling and person centred art therapy.

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