Roisin W Roisin Williams
Works with:Individuals
Locations:LCCS Clapham

Roisin Williams

  • Rape

  • Depression
  • Relationships

  • Guilt & Shame

  • Serious Youth Violence

Roisin is non-judgemental and empathic, she works collaboratively with clients to build a trusting therapeutic relationship where their experiencing can be voiced, explored and made sense of. Roisin is currently working within a psychodynamic approach which considers early experiences and relationships as important in understanding current ways of being with ourselves, others and the wider world. Roisin works relationally with clients, supporting clients to explore what may be happening in the therapy room as a tool to understand any difficulties that may be occurring outside this space. Working transparently and sharing the process of sense-making allows her clients to have joint accountability for their care and the therapeutic process which can be important in longer term change and sustaining change beyond therapy sessions.

Roisin has been working in NHS mental health services for the past ten years. She has worked across addiction, community mental health services and within the criminal justice system. Working across different NHS services has allowed Roisin to support a variety of clients who have been in acute distress and/or experiencing longer term struggles that have impacted on their relationships and sense of self. Roisin believes understanding the context and systems surrounding the clients she works with is important to understand distress and support sense-making when working therapeutically.

Roisin is a trainee Counselling Psychologist and a graduate member of the British Psychological Society. She works within The Awareness Centre’s low cost counselling service in Clapham. Roisin is currently working towards her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.


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