Shereen Alexander

Shereen Alexander - NHS Wandsworth Team Leader

Shereen Alexander has completed a Diploma Course in Transpersonal Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and is registered with the UKCP. She began her training six years ago whilst working as a teacher and head of year. She has since transitioned into running her own therapy practice as well as providing specialist services to educational institutions.  Shereen has worked with a number of counselling organisations including Catch 22, CCPE, FreshStart, TAC Low Cost Counselling Service, and the NHS.

Shereen focuses on providing her clients with a safe and empathetic space in which work can be done to guide a person to his/her highest potential. The therapy focuses on self-development and awareness in order to unblock the barriers to living a more satisfying and complete life. Shereen understands the process can be challenging and may bring about difficult or distressing thoughts and feelings. Her work thus focuses on supporting clients to identify how their patterns of thought and behaviour are helping or hindering their lives. Using an integrative approach, she may make use of Gestalt to support a client working with anger and relationship issues, CBT to identify and manage depressive or anxious thoughts, or guided visualisations that bring awareness to patterns of thought and behaviour.  She is also experienced in working with dreams. Her approach is personalised to what the client needs.

Her prior experiences as a teacher and behaviour specialist have allowed Shereen to work with many different people from various cultures and backgrounds, whilst also giving her a deep understanding of the myriad difficulties a person may be facing in his/her life that make change seem impossible. Shereen specialises in working with relationships, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, bullying and trauma.

She currently runs a private practice in West and South West London and is a NHS Clinical Team Leader at The Awareness Centre.

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