Vivienne Foxe
Vivienne Foxe
Works with:Individuals
Locations:Low Cost Tooting
Enhanced DBS Checked

Vivienne Foxe

  • Anxiety
  • Family Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress

Vivienne Foxe believes that everyone has the potential to bring about change in their situations within a supportive environment.  This idea is developed from the Person-Centred approach, also known as Client-centred counselling. This approach deals with the way in which an individual consciously perceives themselves; instead of how a counsellor interprets their thoughts or ideas. In her counselling sessions, Vivienne works with clients as equal partners in identifying their needs, goals and outcomes.

Vivienne works to understand her clients experience from their perspective. It is her aim to create a space in which her client feels accepted and is better able to understand their own feelings. This way of working also helps the client to connect with their internal values and sense of self-worth, thereby empowering them to find their own way of moving forward. Vivienne aims to create an empathetic, understanding and authentic environment for her clients, and to hold her clients in unconditional positive regard.

Vivienne comes from a background in Social Work, working mainly with children and families. She has a passion for helping people to lead healthy lives by managing everyday life perils. She has an interest in managing anxiety, stress, self-esteem and family issues.

Vivienne is a Person-Centred Counsellor and is currently working towards the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She works for The Awareness Centre’s low cost counselling service in Tooting and is a member of the BACP and Health and Care Professional Council.

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