Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) is a type of interpersonal therapy, meaning that it looks at the way that we relate to others and how this impacts the way we see ourselves. This approach aims to help you understand the links between what you’re struggling with and what is happening in your relationships. One of the core beliefs of DIT is that when we can deal with relationship problems more effectively, our psychological symptoms tend to improve.

DIT is a short-term or ‘brief’ form of therapy, typically lasting 16 sessions, with the aim being to help you to feel less distressing symptoms, improve your understanding of yourself and others, and to improve the way that you interact with others.

DIT is typically useful for those wanting to work on relationship problems, whether it’s the relationship with a romantic partner, family member, friends, or even colleagues. However, it has also been developed to support those with depression and anxiety.

Cycles Of Domestic Abuse

Cycles Of Domestic Abuse

What is Domestic Abuse? Legally, there are ten different categories of abuse, including financial abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, modern slavery, neglect,…