Jennifer Ofori
Jennifer Ofori
Works with: Individuals
Sessions: Online, Telephone
Languages: English
Individuals: £100/hr
Locations: TAC Clapham, TAC Tooting

Jennifer Ofori

  • Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
  • Family & Relationships

Dr Jennifer Ofori UKCPreg, (MBACP) is a qualified and fully accredited counselling psychotherapist who has gained experience over the last decade working in private, voluntary educational and public sectors- which includes work: for numerous IAPT/NHS services/boroughs across England, offering counselling to clients on a short-term basis.

As a registered and accredited counselling psychotherapist Dr Ofori currently works in private practice with both adults and members of the younger generation (aged 7+). She has accumulated an extensive amount experience working with adults and members of the younger generation with depression and/or anxiety, behavioural issues, as well as issues relating to the family.

Dr Ofori recognises the importance of continuing her professional development having previously completed her Postgraduate diploma and Masters of professional studies qualification in psychology and psychotherapy. She most recently completed her doctoral academic programme with NSPC/Middlesex University and currently works as a private consultant tutoring trainees at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling training institution (NSPC).

As an integrative existential humanistic practitioner, Dr Ofori works from an existential base, encouraging her clients to gain greater meaning of their experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, in a creative and collaborative way. She aims to support her clients to make better sense of their issues in a safe and nurturing environment. Her existential focus means that she encourages her clients to authentically confront and challenge the difficulties they may be experiencing. Dr Ofori invites her clients to consider new ways of coping. Together, it is always her aim to create a trusting co-constructed, confidential therapeutic relationship.

Dr Ofori’s background in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology has greatly influenced her interest in the human condition. She views psychotherapy as a courageous step towards permanent change. She is particularly interested in those facing existential issues, child developmental concerns, cultural/ racial issues, family issues and those experiencing depression/anxiety, however this list is not exhaustive.

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