Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy in Wimpole Street, Marylebone

The Awareness Centre is one of the leading providers of talking therapy. We were established in 2005, and opened our practice for counselling and therapy in Wimpole Street, Marylebone in 2022. This practice is led by our Managing Director Michaela McCarthy and a team of Associate Consultants who offer a professional and confidential clinical service.

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Michaela McCarthy and Associates Are Ours Resident Experts on Counselling & Mental Health in Wimpole Street

Michaela McCarthy MBACP Senior Accredited is the Managing Director of The Awareness Centre and is also a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, psychosexual & relationship therapist, and supervisor with more than 25 years of experience. Michaela and her team of Associate Consultants who work with individuals and/or couples in Wimpole Street, will see clients who will benefit from the following support:

  • Abuse
  • Addiction Aftercare
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement, Grief, and Loss
  • Communication Issues
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Depression
  • Family Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy
  • Relationships
  • Sex Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Trauma

“I believe that somewhere inside us all we know what we need and how to get it. We all possess an inner life force, urging us to develop and grow. To be alive is to move and change, it is an ongoing process.”

Michaela McCarthy

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Wimpole Street Fees

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychosexual Therapy

Individuals/Couples: £150 / 50 mins

Private healthcare

Allianz, Aviva, BUPA Global, Cigna, WPA: £150 / 50 mins

Only offered by Michaela McCarthy

Wimpole Street Clinical Working Hours

Michaela McCarthy

Tuesdays: 8am – 12pm & Thursdays: 8am – 12pm

Sasa Stojovic

Mondays: 9am – 1pm

Pinar McGivern

Wednesdays: 12pm – 4pm

Murray Blacket

Thursdays: 4pm – 8pm

Ewa Romanowska

Wednesdays: 8am – 12pm

Cancellation Policy

At TAC we charge for all cancellations, however pre-booked holidays are an exception. We can accept cancellation requests for up to 5 weeks worth of pre-booked holiday time over the course of one year.

“I’ve been a client of Michaela’s since my early twenties. She’s always been professional and reliable – and I particularly enjoy her holistic, relaxed approach. Now in my early thirties, there is no doubt that working with her has enabled me to articulate what I want from my life and make that happen.”


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Michaela McCarthy
  • Anger
  • Trauma
  • Depression and Anxiety

Michaela is an integrative practitioner, meaning she has combined many therapeutic theories and has developed her own style of working as a therapist. Above all, she believes that the most important part of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, and that this relational process enables developmental growth and change.

Initially, Michaela will meet clients for an assessment. If both agree to work together, she then offers the client a further five sessions. After the initial six sessions, there is a discussion to review the process of the clinical work and to decide if therapy will continue into a longer-term agreement. Michaela specialises in longer-term therapy for individuals and works with couples for up to one year.

Although Michaela has a lot of experience of working with couples supporting them to engage better with communication and intimacy, she values the importance of the couple’s sexuality and creates a safe place for both partners to develop their trust for each other.

Click on a profile below to learn more about the counsellors based at our Wimpole Street practice. Our counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists are all highly-trained, with years of experience in their specialist fields.

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