See what our placement therapists say about their training experience at The Awareness Centre…

I found the training very informative and insightful on how best to support a client. I liked the group interaction and the tips and tools suggested. Money well spent and I love a good old certificate!

A.B, SE4

A valuable weekend of training that allowed me to interact with peers with a range of experience and orientations. I have a good understanding of the expectations of the paperwork, especially useful to role play completing the essential forms. I feel in a better place to see TAC clients now!


The course was good preparation for working with clients.


Training offered me a chance to meet and bond with fellow therapists. It really helped my confidence working at The Awareness Centre.

A.E, N1

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and found it most useful to my practice. Not only did we cover the necessary basics such as assessment and risk, but it was conducted in a fun and experiential way, giving me the opportunity to meet other trainees in the process. There was also some time spent on how to set up privately which was very informative too. Overall, it was a positive and educational experience that I would recommend to all.


I really enjoyed the Training days – they gave me a much better understanding of the TAC philosophy as well as a great opportunity to meet my fellow counsellors. The first two days with Ruth helped me to understand all the paperwork required for my placement, and I particularly appreciated the clarification of how to assess risk. The third day with Michaela was inspiring, thought-provoking and fun. I learnt a lot!

Lindsey Reeman

There were lots of invaluable tips and advice from the two experienced trainers and it was great to have a chance to get to know other therapists working at The Awareness Centre.


The training days were a great way to meet other counsellors and share experiences with one another. I’ve learnt more about short-term and long term therapy and it was great to meet Ruth and Michaela and have my questions answered.


Excellent learning experience lead by two very experienced and inspiring professionals

Tania Clarke, New Malden

A really valuable 3 days full of learning beyond the practicalities of managing the procedural aspects of being a placement counsellor at TAC. Both Ruth and Michaela facilitated personal learning at depth. This was an excellent opportunity to: engage in real experiential learning about therapeutic processes; learn a great deal from very experienced practitioners; and establish new network connections. Thank you.