See what our placement therapists say about their training experience at The Awareness Centre…

The interview process and induction was delivered by a well-structured team of coordinators, administrators, team leaders, and managers who supported me with system training, risk management, and building inductions. The support I also gained from my supervisors and peer trainees brought rich and varied learning experiences.

The ethos of the company reflects the inclusivity and diversity of its employees, volunteers, clients and service users. I owe special thanks to Seda and Rushna who supported me with training and client/supervision allocation within the low-cost service, and Gail and Matthew for extra support within the NHS service.

I had a great journey and rewarding experience strengthening my counselling skills at The Awareness Centre.


Having a placement with NHS was a great experience. The counselling coordinator was amazing and always ready to solve any issues or concerns in a calm and professional way. I was pleasantly surprised about that. This experience made me grow as a counsellor and as an individual. Great team! Thank you guys


I am very happy with my experience at TAC.
I have always been supported by the management regarding admin or work issues.
I would recommend the service offered to clients and I am glad to say that the Centre offers the best environment for their therapist too.


I’m really happy in my placement at the Awareness Centre. I feel I get good support in my supervision group and through my supervisor. The clients have been amazing and I’m learning so much.


I have been very impressed with high level of professionalism and integrity that I have experienced as a placement therapist at TAC. In particular the attention to detail, commitment to upholding boundaries, welcoming staff and clean yet comfortable therapy rooms. I’m looking forward to continuing  to work in partnership with TAC, hopefully into the long term.


Thank you TAC for granting me the opportunity to work with clients face to face.


I genuinely feel very lucky to have got my placement at TAC. I was given 4 clients within weeks, 2 of which I’ve had for 10 months! The hours start adding up quickly and the consistency is great.


My experience at TAC has been amazing. I have received professional support that made my journey easier. Thank you so very much!


I am thankful for all the support from the team; I have gained knowledge that I will apply with future clients. My time at The Awareness Centre has been a fantastic learning experience and has enhanced my work.


A great day’s NHS training with Bonnie – detailed preparation of all policies and processes for my placement, which ended with me feeling both prepared and inspired, thank you!