Counselling for Anger Issues: How Therapy Can Help Anger Issues

You’ve probably experienced anger at some point to varying degrees in your life. Anger is a natural human emotion, like happiness, sadness and fear, and for most people it stays within a safe and healthy range. For some, however, frequent and intense bouts of anger can seriously interfere with everyday life and lead to destructive and hostile behaviour.

When something makes you angry you can feel a wide range of emotions. These emotions have a direct, physiological impact on the rest of your body: your heart starts to beat faster, your blood pressure and temperature rise, your breathing rate increases, and you sweat more.

Built-up anger may cause you to explode when faced with difficult situations, and the physical effects can affect your health in the short and long term. Regular and intense periods of anger may lead to problems with your digestion, heart and circulatory system, as well as your mental wellbeing. Being constantly angry can lead to depression, addiction, self-harm, and other compulsive behaviours.

If anger is taking over your life, then getting the right help to start managing it can make a huge and lasting difference. Working with an anger management therapist on your anger can help you identify your triggers, how to contain your feelings of anger when it occurs, how to express your anger in healthier and more assertive ways, and alternative methods of resolving conflict in your life.


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Why am I Always Angry?

Why am I Always Angry?

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