What is Anger Management?

Is anger the first thing you feel in response to far too many situations? Losing your temper at the tiniest provocation? Are angry feelings beginning to take over your life? Whether you’ve suddenly noticed that anger is your default position – or whether you’ve had it pointed out by well-meaning family and friends – you may begin to wonder how to take stock, begin to understand why you’re so angry, and work to take control of those overwhelming rages. That’s exactly the point when anger management therapy can help.

While rational anger affects us all at some point, it often stays within a healthy range of expression. Irrational anger and rage can sometimes erupt and spill out in inappropriate and destructive ways. The after-effects of intense and uncontrolled anger can affect you both physically and psychologically. Anger that goes unchecked can run riot with your wellbeing. Physically, anger can cause all sorts of heart and digestive problems, as the risks from high blood pressure storm your system. Emotionally, the effects of an angry outburst can provoke anxiety, shame, more rage, possible depression, abuse, self-harm and a cycle of sheer exhaustion. Then it all starts again the next day with the next provocation! It can feel like you’re stuck in a loop you can’t get out of.

Signs that you need Anger Management Therapy:

  • You’re angry and frustrated at work, becoming irritable with clients and colleagues, and your boss has asked you to tone it down.
  • You’re angry and rageful within a romantic relationship because your partner isn’t doing what you want, when, how and how often you want it. Taken to extremes, anger towards a partner can lead to a destructive pattern of emotional, verbal and physical abuse.
  • You lose your temper with your children after the second time of asking them to do something. You don’t mean to, but you’re suddenly screaming, shouting and swearing. The children are scared. You don’t know how to stop.
  • Behind the wheel, you are intolerant of other drivers and can be inclined to ‘road rage’. Volatile reactions on the road, taken to extremes, could lead to some difficult legal situations that you may live to regret.
  • Drinking and drug-taking can exaggerate the mood you’re in. Alcohol, in particular, can exacerbate your angry behaviour to a point that it’s beyond control = and you’re possibly left feeling contrite the morning after.
  • Strangers irritate you. People in a street, shop, bar or restaurant can annoy you to the point at which you become verbally or physically abusive – or both.

How Anger Management Therapy can help you:

  • Understand your anger, explore when it started, and why.
  • Learn when and how to be assertive.
  • Understand when you’re being passive-aggressive, and how that can fuel your anger with yourself and others.
  • Learn how to walk away from situations and/or change the course of conversation until you calm down.
  • Identify the relationship dynamics that trigger your anger.
  • Develop an anger plan and how to keep an anger journal.
  • Learn how to channel your angry energy through exercise and relaxation techniques, to develop a healthier lifestyle and calmer way of thinking.
  • Explore how to let go of hurts and resentments without feeling as though you’ve compromised your values and principles.

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