Diploma in Integrative Counselling

If you have completed the TAC Foundation Certificate in Counselling or an equivalent certificate in counselling from another training institute, and are looking to qualify as a professional counsellor, then our Diploma in Integrative Counselling is your key to future success. This face-to-face, part-time course runs over two years and offers a comprehensive range of teaching delivered by highly experienced tutors to support you in understanding the different approaches to counselling, including Gestalt, Existential, Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, and Transpersonal.

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How to Enrol

Complete the online form to enrol on the next available intake for our Diploma in Integrative Counselling. Our courses can become oversubscribed, so we encourage early enrolment. Places on each intake will be offered to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

April 2024 – March 2026

Two weekdays a month, for two years

  • Dates: 18th April 2024 – 26th March 2026
  • Day: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Time: 18:00 – 21:30
  • Location: TAC Clapham
  • Fee: Year 1 – £5,236, Year 2 – £5,236
Payment options

Full payment: Total – £10,472

Monthly payment: Initial deposit* of £500 required on course agreement and 24 x monthly instalments** of £459.58.
Total –  £11,530

*  Deposits are non-refundable
** Late installments will incur a 5% charge.

All fees are inclusive of 20% VAT.

All classes take place in CLAPHAM from 18:00 until 21:30 unless stated otherwise

Week 123-Apr-2425-Apr-24
Week 230-Apr-242-May-24
Week 37-May-249-May-24
Week 414-May-2416-May-24
Week 521-May-2423-May-24
HALF TERM 27th May – 2nd June 2024
Week 64- Jun-246-Jun-24
Week 711-Jun-2413-Jun-24
Week 818-Jun-2420-Jun-24
Week 925-Jun-2427-Jun-24
Week 102-Jul-244-Jul-24
Week 1124-Sep-2426-Sep-24
Week 121-Oct-243-Oct-24
Week 138-Oct-2410-Oct-24
Week 1415-Oct-2417-Oct-24
Week 1522-Oct-2424-Oct-24
HALF TERM 28th October – 3rd November 2024
Week 165-Nov-247-Nov-24
Week 1712-Nov-2414-Nov-24
Week 1819-Nov-2421-Nov-24
Week 1926-Nov-2428-Nov-24
Week 203-Dec-245-Dec-24
Week 2114-Jan-2516-Jan-25
Week 2221-Jan-2523-Jan-25
Week 2328-Jan-2530-Jan-25
Week 244-Feb-256-Feb-25
Week 2511-Feb-2513-Feb-25
HALF TERM 17th February – 21st February 2024
Week 2625-Feb-2527-Feb-25
Week 274-Mar-256-Mar-25
Week 2811-Mar-2513-Mar-25
Week 2918-Mar-2520-Mar-25
Week 3025-Mar-2527th March 2025
Week 3122nd April 202324th April 2023
Week 3229-Apr-251-May-25
Week 336-May-258-May-25
Week 3413-May-2515-May-25
Week 3520-May-2522-May-25
HALF TERM 26th May – 1st June 2025
Week 3624-Jun-2526-Jun-25
Week 371-Jul-253-Jul-25
Week 388-Jul-2510-Jul-25
Week 3915-Jul-2517-Jul-25
Week 4022-Jul-2524-Jul-25
Week 4123-Sep-2525-Sep-25
Week 4230-Sep-252-Oct-25
Week 437-Oct-259-Oct-25
Week 4414-Oct-2516-Oct-25
Week 4521-Oct-2523-Oct-25
HALF TERM 27th October – 2nd November 2025
Week 464-Nov-256-Nov-25
Week 4711-Nov-2513-Nov-25
Week 4818-Nov-2520-Nov-25
Week 4925-Nov-2527-Nov-25
Week 502-Dec-254-Dec-25
Week 5113-Jan-2615-Jan-26
Week 5220-Jan-2622-Jan-26
Week 5327-Jan-2629-Jan-26
Week 543-Feb-265-Feb-26
Week 5510-Feb-2612-Feb-26
HALF TERM 16th February – 22nd February 2026
Week 5624-Feb-2626-Feb-26
Week 573-Mar-265-Mar-26
Week 5810-Mar-2612-Mar-26
Week 5917-Mar-2619-Mar-26
Week 6024-Mar-2626-Mar-26

Enquire Now

If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

Diploma in Integrative Counselling: Course FAQs

Who does the teaching?

We ensure that all of our tutors are experienced counselling professionals. During the Diploma in Counselling course, you will attend face-to-face skills workshops and lectures provided by our specialist faculty members. We strive to provide you with the most valuable training experience possible. Find out more about the faculty here.

Who can apply for the Diploma in Integrative Counselling course?

Those who have previously completed the TAC Foundation Certificate in Counselling or an equivalent Certificate with another training organisation.

When does the Diploma in Integrative Counselling Course start?

This is a two-year, part-time course that runs on two evenings per week (6.00pm to 9.30pm) or one full day per week (9.00am to 5.00pm), plus two one-day weekend workshops per term at one of our training locations in Clapham and Tooting, South London. This overall training makes up 450+ guided learning hours over two years. We have intakes starting every April, and September, so there is always a course available to suit you.

Integrative Counselling Course Benefits:

All of our courses at TAC Training School are designed and run by specialists in the field. The Diploma in Integrative Counselling course allows those with a Foundation Certificate in Counselling to further their qualifications and train as a professional counsellor.

With our Diploma in Integrative Counselling, you will:
  • Become qualified to work as a counsellor through face-to-face teaching
  • Learn about a range of humanistic, psychodynamic, and solution-focused approaches and how they apply within Petrūska Clarkson’s five-relationship model
  • Have the option to apply for a counselling placement in-house or externally, where you will gain clinical experience
  • Enhance your ability to provide both short and long-term therapy for a variety of presenting issues
  • Become confident in developing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients and making more informed choices about appropriate counselling interventions, especially with the support of your tutors and supervisors
  • Develop awareness of conscious and unconscious motivators in counselling work
  • Create and develop your own philosophy and approach to integrative counselling
  • Deepen your personal development and get a better sense of yourself on the journey to becoming a qualified counsellor

When can I enrol on the Diploma in Integrative Counselling?

Our intakes start every April and September, so there is always availability for students wishing to enrol. Please complete the online enrolment form and a member of the training team will be in touch to discuss options and next steps.

What is an integrative approach in counselling?

An integrative approach to counselling involves looking beyond typical counselling perspectives and helping clients to learn more about the deep-rooted causes of their issues. During the course we will study different therapy models to give students a wide-reaching overview of varying specialist perspectives.

How much time can I expect to give to the course?

Taking into account background reading, attending lectures, workshops and personal therapy, as well as clinical work and supervision, you can expect the course to take up to 20 hours per week.

What’s involved in the enrolment process?

You will be asked to complete an enrolment form and a personal statement online. You will then be invited to an online interview with a senior member of the Training School team. The interview is structured to give all students a similar experience. You will be asked questions to ensure that you have a secure grounding in counselling skills, as well as the time availability and emotional maturity to be able to commit to making the course a success.

Course Content Overview

The Diploma in Integrative Counselling is delivered in six modules across two years, which are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of becoming an integrative counsellor, how to develop a therapeutic relationship and how to integrate theory into practice by finding your own style as a therapist.  

These modules include:

  • A comprehensive curriculum taught via theory lectures, seminars and weekend workshops
  • You’ll study Petrūska Clarkson’s relational model of therapy, which explores five facets of the therapeutic relationship:
    • The working alliance
    • The person-to-person or real relationship
    • The transference/counter-transference relationship
    • The developmentally needed or reparative relationship
    • The transpersonal relationship
  • Therapeutic skills sessions and personal and professional development work
  • Opportunities for cultural, personal, group and theoretical reflection
  • Education about a range of presenting issues, including addiction, anxiety and depression, loss, risk, transcultural issues, gender and sexuality and diagnosis and medication.

Integrative Counselling Course Assessment

The TAC Diploma in Integrative Counselling Course is assessed through a number of written assessments on top of personal therapy sessions and peer reviews. Your general progress and attendance will also be monitored on this course to ensure you have everything you need for your success in integrative counselling on completion of the course. 

To complete the course you will be required to:

  • Attend 80% of the training
  • Demonstrate satisfactory progress in your ability to meet the demanding requirements of the course and your potential to carry out clinical work on placement
  • Show development of theoretical understanding and growth/awareness in counselling skills practice, personal development and group process. This will be measured through self-assessment and feedback from your tutor and peers
  • Complete and pass five written assignments (2,500-3,500 words each)
  • Attend end-of-module tutorials
  • Have 80 sessions of personal therapy with a qualified integrative practitioner
  • Complete a minimum of 150 supervised clinical practice hours.

Please note that time commitment is around 20 hours per week.

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If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

Student Reviews

Students on our Diploma in Integrative Counselling students have provided some great feedback on what developing your counselling skills can be like at The Awareness Centre. Read about their experience at The Awareness Centre Training School.

I was a bit hesitant applying for this course as I did not know the institute too well. So far, finishing my first term, I have really enjoyed it! I particularly like the practical approach the course has. There are a lot of group discussions and opportunities to express different views and questions. No regrets!


I have been very happy with the quality of teaching and the support I have received from the team at The Awareness Centre so far, as a student on the Foundation in Counselling Course in 2020 and now the first year of the Diploma in Integrative Counselling. I particularly resonated with the empathy and unconditional positive regard offered by the tutors on this course. It has been a life-enriching experience for me, and I’m sure it will continue to be.


I am delighted so far that I selected The Awareness Centre for my Diploma training as a counsellor. I believe the course is very well structured; the tutors experienced and knowledgeable. Looking forward to continuing this journey.


Course Fee Excludes:

  • Course Supervision (12 x Group and Individual): £900 per year, payable direct by arrangement with your TAC Course Supervisor.
  • Resubmission of assignments – £50 per paper.
  • Student BACP Membership registration – £86 a year.
  • Personal Therapy – varies depending on Therapist.
  • Student Indemnity Insurance for counselling placement– varies depending on provider.
  • Enhanced DBS for counselling placement – varies depending on placement provider.

Academic Writing Assistance

TAC works with the On Your Team coaching and editing group and Ash Phipps to give students access to tuition in academic writing.

On Your Team offers one-to-one coaching in academic writing as well as editing services.

Ash Phipps has 10 years’ experience teaching study skills strategies to students with SpLDs (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, Autism).

Both offer set or hourly rates to support the academic writing of your assignments.

For any further questions, please email [email protected]

Enquire Now

If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

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