How To Use Your Private Healthcare Insurance For Therapy At The Awareness Centre

The Awareness Centre is fully registered and insured to provide counselling, psychotherapy and psychology to support your mental health. The insurance providers TAC cover are Allianz Care, Aviva, Axa Health, BUPA, Vitality Health, and WPA. We strive to make using your private healthcare insurance with TAC as simple as possible, but if you have any questions you can always get in touch with our team.

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How to Use Your Private Healthcare Insurance To Book Therapy At TAC

If you would like to use your private healthcare insurance to pay for your therapy at The Awareness Centre, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact your private medical insurance company and check that your policy covers clinical therapy
  2. Contact the TAC Front of House team and get a referral to see one of our fully registered and insured therapists
  3. Ensure you have a referral from your GP to see the named therapist at The Awareness Centre – your insurance company will then be able to provide you with a pre-authorisation code

Contact our team now to discuss booking therapy under your private healthcare insurance policy

Our Private Healthcare Providers

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Claire Russell

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Jennifer Ofori

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