What is Bereavement Counselling?

Losing someone close to you is one of the saddest and most painful experiences you can go through. You may feel as though the rug has been pulled from under you, and it can be difficult to contemplate what life will be like without your loved one.

When you first experience loss, family and friends will rally round to support you. But as time passes there’s often the expectation to “move on” or “get over it”. Yet grief has no timetable. Your bereavement is unique and will last as long as it needs to.

Our bereavement counsellors are specialists in bereavement and loss. They can provide empathic support through the four stages of grief, offering a nurturing and caring environment to help you talk about your feelings and cope with your loss:

Stage One:

Shock – The reality of the loss often takes time to sink in. Your initial reactions may vary from numbness, denial, disbelief, and hysteria, to not being able to think straight. These are all natural emotions that cushion you against the loss and allow you to experience it more slowly and cope with it better in the short term.

Stage Two:

Protest – At this stage, it is normal to protest that the loss cannot be real, even though you are being confronted with evidence that it is. As you struggle between denying and eventually accepting the reality of what has happened, you experience waves of strong and powerful feelings, such as anger, guilt, sadness, fear, yearning, and searching.

Stage Three:

Disorganisation – This is the stage when the reality of the loss is only too real. You are likely to experience overwhelming feelings of bleakness, despair, apathy, anxiety, and confusion. You may feel that this depression could go on forever and that there is no way out.

Stage Four:

Reorganisation – You begin to rebuild your life and acquire a greater balance. At last you are able to choose to remember happier times. Gradually you return to previous functioning, but often with changed values and new meaning in life.

Everybody reacts to grief differently

Our bereavement counsellors are specialists in bereavement and loss and can provide empathetic support through the four stages of grief, offering a nurturing and caring environment to help you talk about your feelings and cope with your grief.

There’s a famous saying that goes: “Grief is love that has no place to go.” At The Awareness Centre, our bereavement counsellors offer your grief some place to go.


Call our reception team on 020 8673 4545 or email our appointments@theawarenesscentre.com and they will match you with a counsellor who specialises in bereavement. We have appointments available seven days a week.

Our therapists are now offering face-to-face therapy at our centres in Clapham and Tooting and many of our private counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists also offer telephone and online counselling. 

Please Note: Face Masks will be compulsory to wear by all from the 24th July 2020 in all public areas within our centres.


Our low cost counselling service is available if you are on benefits or a low income. Fees range from £20 – £35.

Fees for private counselling and psychotherapy range from £50 – £130. Some therapists are with private healthcare providers.

Our Bereavement Counsellors

Our private counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists are registered or accredited with one or more of the following professional bodies:

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Call our reception team on 020 8673 4545 or book an appointment online.