NHS Multilingual Counselling

Are you struggling with mental health but only speak limited English?

At the Awareness Centre, we work across all our NHS IAPT Services in Lambeth, Wandsworth and Sutton to actively support clients with mental illness; and reduce stigma or misunderstanding within culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

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Our NHS multi-lingual therapists are now offering face-to-face therapy, online and telephone counselling. Where your language cannot be offered by a counsellor, The Awareness Centre works with interpreters to support our NHS Services in Lambeth, Wandsworth and Sutton.

What is NHS Multilingual Counselling?

Our team of multilingual therapists understand the possible challenges you may be facing, and appreciate and respect differences and diversity in culture, age, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, physical ability and spirituality.

Our NHS multi-lingual counsellors work in more than 25 languages and are trained to work with a number of issues, from relationship and family concerns to anxiety, bereavement, sexuality, abuse, bullying, addiction, anger, asylum stresses and depression; and use a number of approaches within therapy.

Meet Our NHS Multilingual Counsellors

Click below to learn more about our multilingual therapists.

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