See what our clients say about their experiences at The Awareness Centre

I felt very lost and hopeless when i started seeing Lesley. Our weekly sessions helped me to understand and accept my past. I am now a new me, who deals better with anxiety and enjoys life. I highly recommend Lesley to anyone seeking therapy.

Rocio, SW18

Harriet has helped me find new ways of understanding and navigating relationships in my life as well as manage the anxiety, depression and grief I experienced after the loss of my father.

Sarah, SW9

I have found my counselling at The Awareness Centre to be exceptionally helpful, it is also affordable which I very much appreciate.

D.B, SE24

When I first came to Nathalie nine months ago, I was extremely anxious with obsessive compulsive thoughts around protecting my child. Building a trusting relationship with Nathalie helped me to uncover some deep-rooted issues, which triggered my worries relating to my son. Nathalie taught me ways to deal with my anxiety, using different tools. Now I feel calmer. I can relax and enjoy spending time with my son without a constant feeling of fear and worry. Thank you Nathalie for your help.


The counselling service provided has been simply unexpected at The Awareness Centre, as previously I was losing hope with the idea of counselling. This is as I had tried counselling at various other establishments and there was no long lasting effects. My counsellor [] is empathetic, compassionate, dedicated and regularly goes one step and beyond to ensure I get the best service

Daniel Thompson, CR4

We were very please with the service provided by The Awareness Centre. From the very first contact made, throughout our 6 months of sessions we learnt a great deal about each other and ourselves, we have enhanced our relationship and our lives. Many thanks indeed!

G.L, SW8

Bathma was excellent at helping me untangle the complex series of issues I was facing. She didn’t instruct, she listened and observed, highlighting specific insights and guided me to find my own solutions to my problems.

P.F, SW4

Feeling anxious after a breakup and massive dissatisfaction with my job, uncertain as to how I could build a future, I turned to Stuart for guidance. Our weekly sessions helped me become clearer about my thoughts and feelings. Stuart is supportive, genuine, and knowledgeable, and quickly put me at ease. The sessions provided a safe, non-judgemental environment, where I felt comfortable talking about difficult problems. It was an often challenging, but ultimately extremely rewarding experience, which I’d absolutely recommend to others considering support.

S.A​, SW9

Emma created an environment of trust and care from my first session, making me feel that I was able to be honest and open in our discussions.  This coupled with astute insight and thoughtful technique have lead to impactful shifts in my day to day life.

L.R, SW16

I have previously worked with a few different counsellors at various stages in my life and Emma is the counsellor that I have worked with most consistently. I feel comfortable and supported and we have discussed realistic options for what the sessions will achieve. Emma is compassionate and insightful. Moreover, I appreciate the different approaches she incorporates into our sessions, whether it be Mindfulness-based techniques or ACT. My experience in the sessions with Emma has been evolving based on the use of different approaches and she helps me feel confident in challenging my perspectives and opening out how I think about some things in my life.

N.T, SE21