See what our clients say about their experiences at The Awareness Centre

I found the counselling I have received very helpful. It made me understand the way I was feeling in more depth. Velma is very friendly, warm and non-judgemental and has really helped me cope with my difficulties and taught me how to believe in myself.


Finally – an affordable, consistent counselling service that doesn’t have to cut off treatment to a deadline when you are finally getting somewhere. My counsellor has helped me to transform the way I see things, and given me the tools to go it alone. I haven’t had to worry about huge debts either. I couldn’t recommend this service enough.


The Awareness Centre is wonderful – I would recommend it to everyone! It is lovely and quiet and the receptionist is very nice. My counselling was great and I have really improved in myself. Thank you!


There was never any pressure to talk. It always felt right, easy, and (most importantly) I felt listened to. I’ve found my sessions so useful and counselling has had a very positive impact on my life.

James, SW9

The Awareness Centre supported me through a hard period in my life. I am thankful for the compassionate , insightful and cathartic sessions I had with my counsellor. The counselling was an invaluable space to help me though a painful time.


I am so grateful to have found The Awareness Centre, it has helped through some tough times and the support of my counsellor has allowed me to regain confidence in myself and life. I would recommend if anyone feels they need to talk through anything, here is definitely the place to do so. Thank you.


I have found counselling at The Awareness Centre to be exceptionally helpful. It is also affordable, which is very much appreciated.

D.B., SE24

Talking therapy has changed my life, helping me much more than I thought it could. I would encourage anyone who is considering counselling to go for it.

L.B., SW11

When I first came to Nathalie nine months ago, I was extremely anxious with obsessive compulsive thoughts around protecting my child. Building a trusting relationship with Nathalie helped me to uncover some deep-rooted issues, which triggered my worries relating to my son. Nathalie taught me ways to deal with my anxiety, using different tools. Now I feel calmer. I can relax and enjoy spending time with my son without constant fear and worry. Thank you Nathalie for your help.

M.A., SW4

Harriet has helped me find new ways of understanding and navigating relationships in my life as well as manage the anxiety, depression and grief I experienced after the loss of my father.

Sarah, SW9