Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Are you a qualified therapist looking to train as a clinical supervisor? Our online Diploma in Clinical Supervision could be the perfect course for you. This comprehensive course will equip you with all the concepts, confidence and skills you need to become a successful clinical supervisor and align you with the BACP competence framework for supervision.

This clinical supervision training, led by our leading tutor, Helen Sutton, and our expert visiting tutors, Prof. Windy Dryden, Dr Susie Orbach and Bonny Allyson, is suitable for counsellors and psychotherapists and is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded therapists to converse and explore the seven-eyed model approach and cyclical model in supervision.

Our next course starts on 20th April 2024.
Clinical Supervision Training

Clinical Supervision Training: Course Content Overview

Our Diploma in Clinical Supervision spans 20 days of learning, practising and reflecting, this makes up 100 guided learning hours. We cover everything a clinical supervisor would need, from key models of supervision and providing effective feedback to building relationships and working through resistance. This course will align you with the BACP competence framework for supervision.

You can see a full overview of the Diploma content here: 

Days 1 & 2

Models of supervision (seven-eyed model, cyclical model, functions of supervision) and role of the supervisor.

Days 3 & 4

Theories of therapist development and how to adapt supervision style.

Days 5 & 6

Working with difference and diversity, and exploring ethics in supervision.

Days 7 & 8

Issues of authority in supervision and providing effective feedback.

Days 9 & 10

Assessment, and working with resistance and interpersonal difficulties.Days 11 & 12
How to manage group dynamics, and exploring unconscious processes.

Days 13 & 14

Building the supervisory relationship, managing poor performance, and working within legal and organisational frameworks.

Days 15 & 16

Supervising different counselling models, supporting supervisees with case management and supervising open-ended therapy.

Days 17 & 18

Working with a short-term counselling model, and applying creative approaches to supervision.

Days 19 & 20

Working with endings and reflecting.

Clinical Supervision Course Assessment

All applicants study together under the same expert tutors to provide the most valuable experience possible.

Applicants must be two years post-qualification as a counsellor or psychotherapist and either accredited or eligible for accreditation with BACP or an equivalent accredited body.

Standard Assessment Criteria (for all applicants):
  • Assessment by tutors during the course
  • One written assignment of 3,500 words
  • Minimum 20 hours of group and/or individual logged supervision practice.
  • Live facilitation of a supervision session, assessed by self and peers
Academic Writing Assistance (optional)

TAC works with Ash Phipps to give students access to tuition in academic writing.

Ash Phipps has 10 years’ experience teaching study skills strategies to students with who want to develop their writing skills and specialises in SpLDs (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, Autism).

For any further questions and fees, please call 020 3051 8235 or email [email protected]


If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

Diploma in Clinical Supervision: Course Entry Requirements

To apply you must:

  • Be a qualified professional, working within the area of mental health
  • Have an interest in developing your clinical supervision skills
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Be accredited or be eligible for accreditation with your professional body
  • Have a minimum of 2 year’s post-qualification experience.

Course Fees

Our courses can become oversubscribed, so we encourage early enrolment. Places on each intake will be offered to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

April 2024 – February 2025

One weekend a month, for ten months

  • Dates: 20th April 2024 – 9th February 2025
  • Day: Saturday & Sunday
  • Time: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course Delivery: Online
  • Fee: £2,830 inclusive of 20% VAT

Enrolment open

10am – 4pm
10am – 4pm
Weekend 120th April21st April
Weekend 218th May19th May
Weekend 38th June9th June
Weekend 413th July14th July
Weekend 521st September22nd September
Weekend 612th October13th October
Weekend 716th November17th November
Weekend 87th December8th December
Weekend 918th January 219th January
Weekend 108th February9th February

September 2024 – June 2025

One weekend a month, for ten months

  • Dates: TBC
  • Day: Saturday & Sunday
  • Time: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course Delivery: Online
  • Fee: £2,830 inclusive of 20% VAT

Enrolment opens April 2024

Payment options

Full payment: Initial deposit of £350 required on course agreement. Balance payment £2,480. Total – £2,830.

Monthly payment: Initial deposit of £350 required on course agreement. 10 x monthly instalments of £275. Total –  £3,100. (This increased fee includes adminstration costs).

* All fees are inclusive of 20% VAT. Deposits are non-refundable.

Please note, students who are non-UK residents will not be required to pay additional UK VAT.


If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

Clinical Supervision Training: FAQs

Who does the teaching?

The clinical supervision course is delivered by Helen Sutton, our core tutor, and an experienced clinical supervisor alongside expert guest lecturers. These include:

  • Dr Susie Orbach
  • Prof Windy Dryden
  • Bonny Allyson

Who can apply for Clinical Supervision Training?

Members of the helping professions (including qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and coaches) looking to take the next step in their professional career.

Where does the clinical supervision course take place?

We offer this training online, making the diploma accessible throughout the UK and worldwide.

What are the clinical supervision skills taught on the course?

We cover all of the important skills every clinical supervisor would need, from interpersonal skills like providing feedback and managing group dynamics to the fundamental, key models of clinical supervision. We also cover the role of the supervisor to help you develop a top level understanding before we start learning to put skills into practice.

Enquire Now

If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

Student Reviews

Our Diploma in Clinical Supervision students have provided some great feedback on what developing your supervision skills can be like at The Awareness Centre. Read about their experience at The Awareness Centre Training School.

So far my experience of the Diploma in Clinical Supervision has been pleasant and informative, I do feel that in the 2 weekends I’ve attended so far I’ve obtained tangible learning. It’s been a lovely learning journey so far.  The course has been informative and helpful. I’m really happy with Karen as a tutor, she’s organised and helpful, the material is relevant and the learning activities in the classroom are engaging. 


I am delighted to share my positive experience with The Awareness Centre’s Level 6 supervision course. From the onset, I have been thoroughly impressed with the course content, the professionalism of the tutors, and the overall learning environment.The tutors leading the Level 6 supervision course are knowledgeable and professional. Their expertise adds immense value to the learning experience, providing insights and practical guidance that enhance the course material. I appreciate their commitment to fostering an environment that encourages active participation and meaningful discussions.The course material itself is rich in information, offering a comprehensive understanding of supervision at a Level 6 standard. The content is thoughtfully curated, and I find it both stimulating and applicable to my professional development. The delivery of the course is well-structured, allowing for a seamless learning process.One aspect of the course that has significantly contributed to my growth is the interactive and engaging learning environment. The group dynamics, coupled with the open communication facilitated by the tutors, have created an atmosphere conducive to the best learning outcomes. I am genuinely looking forward to completing the course and applying my enhanced skills in my practice.Thank you to The Awareness Centre for providing a platform that truly facilitates growth and learning in the field of supervision.


The clinical supervision course has been very interactive and experiential. The group and tutor are amazing at sharing their experiences and making everyone feel comfortable in experimenting, practising, and sharing their thoughts and opinions on various topics.


The Tutors

Click on the profiles below to learn more about our clinical supervision tutors.

Bonny Allyson

Bonny Allyson – Lead Foundation Tutor/ Diploma Tutor

Dr Susie Orbach

Dr Susie Orbach – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Helen Sutton

Helen Sutton – Lead Diploma Tutor

Windy Dryden

Prof. Windy Dryden – Visiting Diploma Tutor


If you would like any further information, please contact the Training School team at [email protected] or call 020 3051 8235.

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