Counselling for Bereavement and Loss: How Can Therapy Help?

The grief that accompanies bereavement and loss can be overwhelming. It can take quite some time to adjust to the loss in your life and imagine what life will be like in the future without your loved one. Grief is a process that has several stages. Denial, bargaining, anger and depression are key elements of that process. It can take a while to reach the final stage – acceptance – where it becomes conceivable that life will go on.

Grief can become more complex if the circumstances of death were difficult, unexpected or traumatic – for example, through accident, suicide or sudden illness. The loss you experience today may also remind you of losses from earlier in your life.

Of course, bereavement isn’t the only time you experience feelings of loss. You could be coming through the break-up of a relationship, mourning the end of a career, or feeling empty now your kids have flown the nest. You might also experience anticipatory grief, in cases where a loved one has dementia or a terminal illness.

Our therapists with expertise in bereavement counselling and loss will support you through your loss, for as long as it takes, and help you create a future with new possibilities.


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