Meet the Faculty

The Awareness Centre Training School attracts exceptional tutors and supervisors at the forefront of the mental health field. Our tutors are experienced in teaching many approaches to counselling and psychotherapy, including Gestalt, Existential, Object Relations, Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal and Transactional Analysis and specialise in working with a range of issues. Our visiting Psychiatrists teach our students to understand diagnosis and medication to support their clinical work with clients. And our team of Course Supervisors have been carefully selected to support our Diploma students on their training journey to integrate counselling skills and theory into their practice and learn how to understand their own processing in counselling.

At The Awareness Centre Training School, we’re dedicated to providing an engaging and supportive learning environment where our students can thrive.

The Awareness centre Training School

TAC Training School’s Team

Our management team, tutors, and supervisors are all qualified therapists with a specialist area of interest in mental health. Here, you’re not just a student but part of a community. Everyone around you understands the complexities of the counselling profession firsthand. Whether you’re grappling with theoretical concepts or facing challenges, you have access to guidance and support from those who have navigated a similar path and who are dedicated to your professional success.

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The Management Team

Michaela McCarthy

Michaela McCarthy – Managing Director

Yasmin Kermali

Yasmin Kermali – Operations Lead

mandy wax

Mandy Wax – Course Lead

Michelle Pereira

Michelle Pereira – Training School Coordinator

Manisha Mahandru

Manisha Mahandru – Training School Coordinator

The Tutors

Bonny Allyson

Bonny Allyson – Lead Foundation Tutor/ Diploma Tutor

Dr Catherine Wilson

Dr Catherine Wilson – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Emma Leonce

Emma Leonce – Lead Foundation Tutor/Lead Diploma Tutor

Jeremy OSullivan meet the faculty

Jeremy O’Sullivan – Diploma Tutor

Chris Gresch

Chris Gresch – Lead Diploma Tutor

Eleni Henderson

Eleni Henderson – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Domenica Stilwell

Domenica Stilwell – Lead Diploma Tutor

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes – Diploma Tutor

Windy Dryden

Prof. Windy Dryden – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Dr Soumitra Burman-Roy

Dr Soumitra Burman-Roy – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Mirek Polanowski

Mirek Polanowski – Lead Diploma Tutor

Steve Henfrey meet the faculty

Steve Henfrey – Lead Foundation Tutor

Patrizia Vadalà

Patrizia Vadalà – Lead Foundation Tutor/ Lead Diploma Tutor

Amy Launder

Amy Launder – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Dr Susie Orbach

Dr Susie Orbach – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Ash Phipps

Ash Phipps – Study Skills Tutor

Dianne Zaccheo

Dianne Zaccheo – Visiting Diploma Tutor

Ben Dustin

Ben Dustin – Diploma Tutor

Course Supervisors

Philippa Madden

Philippa Madden – Course Supervisor

Ewa Romanowska meet the faculty

Ewa Romanowska – Course Supervisor