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Counselling Courses in London

The Awareness Centre Training School has developed a warm community for students to study in a supportive environment led by exceptionally trained tutors with a wealth of experience in teaching different modalities to support our integrative approach to therapy. 

Embark on your professional journey to becoming a qualified therapist or clinical supervisor, and start your enrolment today.

The Awareness Centre Training School


If you would like any further information, please get in touch with the Training School team.

Key Benefits Of TAC Counselling
Courses In London

The Awareness Centre Training School delivers some of the best counselling courses in London. Becoming a student at TAC carries a number of key benefits for those looking to train as a professional therapist.

  • A complete professional journey to becoming a qualified therapist, from Foundation through to Diploma.
  • Training designed and delivered by experienced specialist tutors who are qualified counsellors, psychotherapists or visiting psychiatrists.
  • ‘Open door’ policy with our management and administration team to support you on your training journey to becoming a qualified counsellor or supervisor.
  • Excellently located counselling training centres in Clapham and Tooting in South London.
  • The option to apply for an in-house counselling placement at The Awareness Centre, or an external placement from our comprehensive list of providers, where you will gain clinical experience.
  • Access to experienced clinical supervisors.


If you have any questions about the training process, our team is here to answer them – big or small. Don’t hesitate to call us!

Our Counselling Courses

Our counselling training and clinical supervision courses are led by TAC’s highly-trained in-house and visiting tutors. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend courses to support your schedules with work, families, or outside interests.

We are aware this might be a new career for you, and this decision might take some planning, so we run intakes for all courses in Autumn and Spring to support your personal and professional journey with TAC. See below for an overview of our courses.

The Foundation Certificate In Counselling

  • No previous qualifications or experience required
  • Part-time, face-to-face counselling course over six or ten months.
  • Run at our Training School in Tooting, South London


  • Lead Tutor teaches you throughout the course.
  • Theory lectures and seminars.
  • Introduction to counselling skills practice.
  • Personal development process groups.

TAC Diploma in Integrative Counselling

  • BACP Accredited Counselling Diploma
  • Students are required to have completed the TAC Foundation Certificate in Counselling, or an equivalent certificate at another training institute.
  • Two-year, part-time, face-to-face counselling course
  • Run at our Training School venue in Clapham, South London.


  • Theory lectures, seminars and weekend workshops
  • Personal and professional development process groups
  • Counselling Skills Practice
  • Opportunities for cultural, personal, group and theoretical reflection
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Counselling Placements

TAC Diploma in Clinical Supervision

  • Qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists may apply
  • Part-time course held over ten months.


  • Understanding models of supervision and exploring ethics
  • Learning how to build relationships and manage individual and group dynamics
  • Supervision experience: supervising different counselling models and open-ended therapy


If you would like any further information, please get in touch with the Training School team.


I have completed the first module of the Diploma in Integrative Counselling at the Awareness Centre (TAC). I have enjoyed the module very much, and have learned a lot. I particularly appreciate the variety of teaching methods TAC use. It’s a good mix of presentations, small and large group discussion, case studies, and skills practice in small groups.

TAC are very responsive to their student’s needs and preferences. Suggestions that we make are always listened to, and often implemented. However, there is not much that needs improving!

I can wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn Integrative Counselling.


Why Train With TAC?

Our Training School management team ensures our counselling training courses give students all the skills and experience they need to succeed in their careers as counsellors and supervisors. At TAC, we understand the importance of the interpersonal and emotional skills required to work as a practitioner, and we endeavour to encourage not only learning but personal development and adaptation throughout each course programme.

With expert tutors, a structured learning programme and hands-on experience available, students will benefit from TAC counselling training at a number of different levels.

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Meet The TAC Training School Management Team

Michaela McCarthy

Michaela McCarthy – Managing Director

Yasmin Kermali

Yasmin Kermali – Operations Lead

mandy wax

Mandy Wax – Course Lead

Michelle Pereira

Michelle Pereira – Training School Coordinator

Manisha Mahandru

Manisha Mahandru – Training School Coordinator

Our Training Courses: FAQs

Our Diploma in Integrative Counselling was accredited by BACP in May 2024. BACP do not accredit Foundation Certificate or Supervision courses. However, our courses are created according to BACP guidelines and the competence framework for supervision.

We welcome students with no formal qualifications or previous experience to join our Foundation Certificate In Counselling. To join our Diploma in Integrative Counselling you will need the TAC Foundation Certificate in Counselling, or equivalent qualification from another training provider. For the Diploma in Clinical Supervision, you need to be a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Please see the individual course pages for more detail about enrolment requirements.

All students need to be in therapy for twelve weeks at the beginning of the Foundation Certificate in Counselling. All students need to be in personal therapy for the duration of the Diploma in Integrative Counselling. You do not need to be in personal therapy during the Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

Our courses are not currently eligible for student finance. However, we do offer a direct debit monthly payment system to support your monthly budget

We offer support with guidelines on how to write essays during the first module of your training, and we also have a private academic tutor who partners with us at TAC. You will pay this tutor directly. If you need additional time to write your essays due to additional learning needs (ALN) then we accept a current educational psychological report, or equivalent, to support your learning, and we will give you a two-week extension to complete your assignments. Our partnered tutor specialises in working with adults with neurodiverse issues or who last wrote academically in school.

How well our counselling courses will suit you will be down to your previous experience in the field. Those with no experience will be able to learn a great deal from our Foundation Certificate In Counselling, whereas those who already have a Foundation Certificate from TAC or equivalent will be better suited to the Diploma in Integrative Counseling, or the Diploma in Clinical Supervision depending on the level of qualification.

Our counselling training courses, both in London and online, typically take between 1-2 years to complete.

Yes, our training courses are all part-time whether they are online or based at one of our London locations. Some take place during the week and others at the weekends.

The Foundation Certificate in Counselling and the Diploma in Integrative Counselling are in-person trainings held at our London centres in Clapham and Tooting. The Diploma in Clinical Supervision is held online, making the training accessible throughout the UK and worldwide.

Yes, we would encourage this. If you experience a bereavement, pregnancy, or mental health issues that stop you from studying – you can defer your course for up to five years. We will support you through this time and would hope you would be able to restart on the next course to support your studies.


If you would like any further information, please get in touch with the Training School team.