What’s it like to be on a counselling placement at The Awareness Centre? Here’s what some of our placement therapists have to say

I found the staff at the Awareness Centre to be very warm and welcoming. I attended a CPD Training which made me feel confident to start my counselling placement there.


I have meant to leave some feedback about my experience as a Placement Therapist at TAC but just never got round to it. However, following my second anniversary at TAC as a placement therapist in March 2020, I wanted to comment on how I’ve found the experience so far.

Although daunting, to begin with, TAC has allowed me to grow in my independence as a therapist in training. The way the centre is run has helped me to hit the ground running with minimal assistance. The structure at Clapham is organised, and I have found the Clapham Reception and administration team very helpful and responsive. This method has been useful for equipping me as a private therapist in the future.

I have kept the same supervisor since the onset of my placement and pleased to report that Karen Dempsey has played an enormous role in boosting my confidence. I have seen her demonstrate maturity and genuine concern for her supervisees, including myself, at all times.

Although she has a keen eye for detail, risk issues, governance and is a seasoned therapist herself, Karen strives to make each supervisee feel valued. The way she works with supervisees means that I have absolute trust in her judgement. She never positions herself to be the only expert in the room and encourages a culture of learning amongst her group and my peers. One valuable lesson I will take away from working with Karen is that I feel congruent when working with her and always feel free to be transparent even when things may not have gone as planned. I can always rely on her sensitive and supportive approach to steer things back to how it should be or to gain the lesson required.

When my time with TAC comes to an end, I will surely be very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that The Awareness Centre made possible and all the fantastic people and clients I have been privileged to meet and support in my learning journey.

B.O, BR7

This is my first Counselling placement and it has been a worthwhile experience. The supervision is always on point, not only have I learnt a lot but I have received incredible and continuous support. Being at The Awareness Centre has definitely enabled me to gain confidence in my client work.

L.G, SW11

I have been on my counselling placement with the Awareness Centre for 18 months and it has given me incredible experience. I have been able to work with a wide range of clients and have learned so much both clinically and from an administration/process point of view. All the while I have been surrounded by a supportive team.


From day one I felt welcomed and appreciated as a professional though I am still training. It is a relief to find a placement that allows you to develop as a professional within a supportive environment. I have learnt a lot and still learning. Thank you TAC!


Doing my placement at The Awareness Centre has provided me great experience. In a year here I have had many different cases and learned a lot in supervision and practice.

Cassia Gallas, EC1