Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

The aim of family therapy is to help family members to find ways to help and support each other. Families are the first organisation any of us live in, and they can be a great source of encouragement, learning and love. However, sometimes the relationships within a family can come under strain and the members of the family can be left feeling angry, isolated, unheard or pushed aside,

It can be particularly hard for families to learn to adapt to change. This could include a parental bereavement, a time when siblings can fall out; or when parents and children are going through a divorce or separation; or when parents re-marry and a new family is forming. Counselling can help family members to support each other as they navigate these difficult times, so that they can resolve or reduce any disputes or conflict, and can often come through the experience stronger as a result.

In family therapy, also known as systemic therapy, the therapist works with the whole sibling group or family and helps them to address all the difficulties they are experiencing. This helps family members to communicate better with each other. It can also help families to change, develop and resolve any arguments.

Our family therapists all offer confidential and non-judgemental support, and will encourage all the family members attending family therapy to have their say and to share their feelings.

Our therapists are now offering face-to-face therapy at our centres in Clapham and Tooting and many of our private counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists also offer telephone and online counselling. 

Our Specialist Counselling Services


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Private Therapy £50 – £130.

Some therapists are registered private health care providers.


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