Couples Counselling: How Therapy Can Strengthen Your Relationship?

Couples Counselling

What is Couples Counselling?

The aim of couples counselling, also known as marriage counselling and relationship counselling, is to create a better understanding of how problems affect the relationship. If you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship and would like to understand why this has happened, couples counselling gives partners the opportunity to talk and listen to one another openly and effectively. It gives you the opportunity to explore the dynamics of your relationship, and how unfinished issues from the past may be influencing the present.

A couple’s relationship can face many challenges. Maybe you are experiencing financial pressures, have just started a family, or come from different religious or cultural backgrounds and are finding it hard to relate. Perhaps you or your partner have recently lost your job or been promoted, changing the dynamics within your relationship. Maybe your relationship is affected by on-going issues with extended family and in-laws. Maybe you just don’t feel like you are being heard or seen any more, or are unhappy with your role within the relationship. Sometimes couples need to learn how to be friends, to support each other or to share their inner thoughts and feelings. This is where couples counselling can help.

When problems occur in a relationship, communication can shut down and with it, the best hope of finding a solution. It is important to work on your relationship, taking some time away from day-to-day routines, so you can achieve what you really want and deserve from your relationship. With a compassionate, non-judgemental facilitator present, partners are often able to do this by discussing issues or problems that may have previously felt too difficult or unsafe. Our therapists can help support you with a wide range of issues.

In addition to couples counselling, The Awareness Centre also offers psychosexual and relationship therapy for couples and individuals experiencing sexual difficulties. Our psychosexual therapists are specially trained to support clients with all kinds of sexual difficulties, whatever the cause.

Our therapists are now offering face-to-face therapy at our centres in Clapham and Tooting and many of our private counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists also offer telephone and online counselling. Our therapists can offer support for a wide range of issues, using a number of approaches to therapy.


To make an appointment to see one of our couples counsellors, please call the reception team on 020 8673 4545 or email [email protected]. We are open seven days a week. Some therapists offer Skype and telephone sessions.


Low Cost £35

Private Therapy £50 – £130.

Some therapists are registered private health care providers.


Appointments are available seven days a week. Book online or call the reception team on 020 8673 4545 to be matched with the right therapist for you.

Our Couples Counsellors

Our private counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists are registered or accredited with one or more of the following professional bodies:


Call our reception team on 020 8673 4545 or book an appointment online.

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