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Some of our students have kindly shared their experiences of studying at The Awareness Centre Training School. We are very proud of our students and their achievements on their personal and professional journeys.

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The Awareness Centre Training School

Here’s what some of our Counselling and Clinical Supervision students have said

I really valued the quality and variety of teaching at TAC, each of our tutors brought a combination of theoretical insight and practical experience to support our learning.


I am truly blessed to have found TAC and I couldn’t have prayed for a better tutor than Bonny to impart so much knowledge on the moralities of counselling to me with such a positive and enlightening impact. I so appreciate her teaching style in presenting such sensitive subjects[]. I also appreciate the very approachable, patient, and helpful administrative staff who have always made me feel welcome.

Its amazing how much my eyes have been opened and the encouragement for me, through the exercises and role plays, to look at myself and how I perceive others. We’ve only covered the first module and I am so grateful for how it’s been structured so far, from Michaela’s intro through to recap. This course is unlocking so much potential I’d forgotten/hadn’t realised I had, which makes me both nervous and excited for Module 2. For me, this course (so far), does what it says on the tin. I’m so happy for this discovery and have already started to spread the word to encourage others onto this specific counselling course.

This is possibly the best investment I have made in my education/personal development to-date and I look forward to each training day with unexpected excitement.


I found this training course to be supportive and informative, and the pace of learning suited me. For me, there was a good balance between the course’s academic learning and experiential aspects and I felt I grew as a person throughout the course.


A truly insightful, engaging and supportive course. The facilitator Helen and visiting lecturers have all been amazing in sharing their experiences for enhanced learning. There’s a real feeling of support within the group and within the smaller practice sessions that creates such a positive learning environment. Thank you.


Very thorough training. I have very much enjoyed the experiential learning which has very much help clarify some very complex themes.


Bonny is amazing. I would happily do the foundation course all over again just to have the opportunity to continue to learn from her. She inspires me to one day, hopefully become an amazing therapist myself. She ignites the passion I have for this profession within me when she shares her own experiences and how much she loves what she does. We can all feel the love and care emanating from her in the room and she really holds the space so incredibly well.


I am delighted to share my positive experience with The Awareness Centre’s Level 6 supervision course. From the onset, I have been thoroughly impressed with the course content, the professionalism of the tutors, and the overall learning environment.The tutors leading the Level 6 supervision course are knowledgeable and professional. Their expertise adds immense value to the learning experience, providing insights and practical guidance that enhance the course material. I appreciate their commitment to fostering an environment that encourages active participation and meaningful discussions.The course material itself is rich in information, offering a comprehensive understanding of supervision at a Level 6 standard. The content is thoughtfully curated, and I find it both stimulating and applicable to my professional development. The delivery of the course is well-structured, allowing for a seamless learning process.One aspect of the course that has significantly contributed to my growth is the interactive and engaging learning environment. The group dynamics, coupled with the open communication facilitated by the tutors, have created an atmosphere conducive to the best learning outcomes. I am genuinely looking forward to completing the course and applying my enhanced skills in my practice.Thank you to The Awareness Centre for providing a platform that truly facilitates growth and learning in the field of supervision.


I am really enjoying the course, it has added a wealth of knowledge and given me a system by which I can operate as a supervisor. I enjoy the small group discussions as well as the big group contribution. I feel welcomed and respected and I feel I am given opportunity to participate and give feedback. I really enjoyed the diversity weekend and learnt a lot of ground skills which i have already applied in my managerial position.


I found the Gestalt therapeutic model very much inline with my idea of a healthy soul. It takes a holistic approach to mental health and well being. My theory tutor Patrizia was very good in teaching this model. I found her warm and pleasant. She was also very patient and accomodating in modeling how the Gestalt model works in a therapist and client counselling session which helped bring theory and practice together.


Excellent tutor and standard of teaching. Cannot rate Karen highly enough.



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