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Family Therapists

We are currently recruiting family therapists to join our private practice.

For more information please contact our Centre Manager on 020 8673 4545 or via email:

Clinical and Counselling Psychologists

We are currently recruiting clinical and counselling psychologists to join our private practice.

For more information please contact our Centre Manager on 020 8673 4545 or via email:

Clinical Practitioners

The Awareness Centre would like to hear from self-employed practitioners who would like to hire a room and work as part of our clinical team in private practice providing therapy for individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents and groups. We provide talking therapies and would be interested to hear from therapists working with play, drama and art therapy, especially those working with children and adults with learning difficulties. We are also interested in therapists who work using an additional language other than English to support our Multilingual Counselling Service and therapists to work with our LGBT clientele and who can work within our Children and Adolescent Counselling Service.

For more information please contact our Centre Manager on 020 8673 4545 or via email:

Clinical Placements

In order to be considered for a clinical therapeutic placement at TAC, counsellors, psychotherapists or counselling psychologist are required to have at least 65 clinical supervised hours of working with adults in a one to one setting, experience of working clinically within other organisations and have been in personal therapy for a minimum of one year.

All of our NHS clinical work is provided within one of the GP surgeries in Lambeth or HMP Brixon. All our long term clinical work is provided at TAC and we offer a Low Cost Counselling Service.

Please note that clinical placements are restricted to therapists in the later stages of BACP accredited, UKCP or BPS registered trainings, or for those who have qualified and are building up their clinical hours to apply for professional accreditation or registration. Our placement is known as a ‘Training and Internship Placement’ because we teach and support you and your clinical work to prepare you for employed or self-employed work.

We are also interested in candidates who can offer counselling in a second language to support our Multilingual Counselling Service.  We are also interested in therapists to work with our LGBT clientele and within our Children and Adolescent Counselling Service.

If you wish to make a preliminary enquiry about a clinical placement, please email our Counselling Coordinator, a copy of your CV specifying your training and one-to-one experience as a practitioner. If your CV meets our criteria, you will be invited into our next available group interview and this process will take 90 minutes. You will be notified on the same day via email about the outcome of your interview.

For further details please visit the Clinical Placement page.

What people say about working at TAC

It’s a privilege, and a real pleasure, to be involved in supporting and developing so many placement counsellors. The Awareness Centre has high standards when it comes to recruitment, so our supervision groups are very creative, and support our counsellors in providing excellent clinical work to our clients.
Christian MurphyClinical supervisor

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What people say

Psychotherapy wasn’t something I ever thought I would be looking for, but after going through a period of having emotional mood swings and feeling lost in my head, my friends advised me to seek some professional help. I did a simple internet search and found Kelly. At first I didn’t know what to expect and felt quite anxious about opening up to a stranger about very personal matters, but once my sessions began, Kelly made it so easy for me and I just talked about anything and everything. …
Michael Ciechanowski