Working at TAC has been a positive experience. It offers a safe and comfortable environment. Staff are helpful, friendly and professional at all times, putting clients first.


I have found working from the Awareness Centre over the years has suited me very well. I completed my first training placement here as a student back in 2008, and so feel there is some history in the building and my development as a psychotherapist.  My practice has steadily grown and the fact that reception staff can refer directly to me has been a major factor in keeping a healthy caseload going. Staff are responsive and warm, and the flexibility with The Awareness Centre has been mutually beneficial. I respect the fact that Michaela takes an active interest in the many therapists and counselors who work at The Awareness Centre and its satellite clinics.

Rob Falkner, Integrative Psychotherapist

Making the transition from placement counsellor into private practice is often perceived as a daunting prospect. At TAC I have found this transition to not only be a positive experience, but one that has been fully supported by the team. The guidance that I received when first starting out in private practice was invaluable and is ongoing. Working alongside the TAC team, as well as low cost and private practitioners, has provided me with a sense of belonging and stability, which is important, as it creates an environment that is supportive and safe to work within. I highly recommend TAC as a positive environment for private practice.


The Awareness Centre is extremely professional and well-run, and provides a welcoming and peaceful environment from which to see clients. The building and rooms are well maintained, well-furnished and comfortable, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

L. H

A clinical placement at The Awareness Centre is not for the faint hearted! However, if you wish to embark on an exciting journey to develop your skills, knowledge and experience, this is the place for you. Just six weeks in and I am up and running with a full case load; the range of clients and presenting issues provide a wealth of learning opportunities to hone your skills and gain confidence in your creative abilities as a counsellor / therapist. Weekly group supervision with Michaela McCarthy is equally challenging and rewarding. In an atmosphere of dynamic and intellectual case discussion, Michaela’s authentic guidance, coupled with a no-holds-barred approach ensures valuable support and learning. This is enhanced by the multi-disciplinary backgrounds and therapeutic modalities of the members in the group. As a newly qualified Integrative Psychotherapist I can truthfully say that this placement has exceeded all of my hopes and expectations as I consolidate my learning and prepare myself for the next stage of my career path.

Lesley Cameron

I am completing my MSc in counselling and psychotherapy and have been on placement for 18 months. Being at TAC, has given me a combination of an excellent support structure and access to rich, varied and complex client work. Not only has the placement provided me with long term client work, but also an opportunity to work with the renowned psychotherapist Michaela McCarthy as my supervisor.  The learning gained in supervision has ranged from how to implement good practise management to an exploration of deep counter-transferential work and the implications this holds for client work.

Sasha Stojovic

I have supervision with Michaela McCarthy and five other females. I have found this process very supportive with an easy going laid back but firm boundaried approach Michaela brings to each session. She has a way of allowing us our space to work through any difficulties that may arise in supervision without judgment, bringing a caring, thoughtful experienced approach when facilitating the presenting work.

Ian West

I was offered a placement at The Awareness Centre, Clapham, having heard excellent reports. This has definitely proved to be the right choice for me. Here I have the opportunity to work with both short-term clients within the NHS setting and more long-term within the ‘Low Cost’ service they offer. The learning here is second to none and has enabled me to grow and develop my therapeutic skills within a safe and supportive environment. TAC provides excellent supervision, (you cant beat Michaela… she is the best!!) help and support. The staff and team are knowledgeable and encouraging. I personally find the whole placement process to be a careful balance of professionalism, growth and personal autonomy. I would highly recommend TAC for your Psychotherapy placement.

Denise Sims

I have found my clinical placement at The Awareness Centre to be invaluable. What a great opportunity to gain such professional experience! I have dealt with long and short term clients from
a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of issues. This has helped me developed counselling skills and knowledge. The weekly group supervision sessions with other therapists from different
theoretical orientations are insightful and are enriching my training. Michaela is inspiring and very supportive. Her warmth, authenticity and sense of humour create a relaxing atmosphere that
allows me to share my concerns freely and get the help and learnings I need to grow as a person and as a therapist.

Virginie Dainton

The best aspect of supervision for me was the feeling of safety and support. There’s a real sense that we are in training and while there is also a real sense of direct dynamic communication, the feedback is constructive and protective. I have found the atmosphere is one of experiential group, which while potentially intimidating at first, the individual is as free as they feel to share process or client material whereby you cannot be wrong. Kelly is down to earth, always understanding, often challenging and at the end of an email if you need her. You couldn’t ask for much more from a supervisor.

Sally Leonard