Private Therapy Services

Private Therapy

We have appointments available from first thing in the morning until late into the evening, so our team of experienced private therapists can offer confidential support at a time that works for you. With more than 100 therapists working from the centre we can find the right therapist for you, whether you want to work short-term on a problem that is currently troubling you, or longer-term to explore deeper issues.

The private therapy services we offer at The Awareness Centre include counselling, psychotherapy and psychology. We work with individuals, couples, children and families. All our private therapists offer face-to-face sessions, and some therapists offer Skype and telephone sessions. Our private therapists can offer support for a wide range of issues and use a number of approaches to therapy.


£50-£130 for 30 mins. Some therapists are a private healthcare provider.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment to see one of our private counsellors or psychotherapists, please call the reception team on 020 8673 4545 or email We are open seven days a week.

`Every week I have had a safe and judgement-free place to share my feelings and make sense of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Over the past five months I have learnt to be guided by my own sense of what is acceptable more and more and have felt that I now have something worthwhile to say.`


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Our Therapy Services

The Awareness Centre also offers Addiction CounsellingAnger Management TherapyBereavement CounsellingChild & Adolescent CounsellingLGBT Counselling and Multilingual Counselling within the NHSLow Cost and Private Counselling Services.

Our private counsellors and psychotherapists are registered with one or more of the following professional bodies:

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What people say

Talking therapy with [my therapist] has given me the opportunity to gain clarity about my emotional experiences and responses to current situations and to make the relevant links to my past, where applicable. It has enabled me to find my own resolutions to current issues developing a sense of self-empowerment: I feel much more positive, supported and capable of coping with stressful situations.

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