Here’s what some of our students on the Foundation Certificate of Counselling course say about their experience

After searching many counselling courses online, I came across the Foundation Certificate in Counselling course with The Awareness Centre. I decided to apply for this course, as I really liked the sound of what was being offered.

I can clearly say that now I am halfway through the course, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course is put together very well, I have amazing classmates and an excellent teacher who is knowledgeable and approachable. Bonny makes the classes fun, interactive and is always helpful if you have any questions.

This course has truly been an invaluable learning experience for me and has given me a good grounding in counselling theory and practical skills.  My self-confidence has grown because of this course, which is due to the great support that I have received from The Awareness Centre staff.

This course has exceeded my expectations significantly, and I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure which counselling course to take.

Sal Choudhry, HA6

My experience on the introduction to counselling course was thorough and thought provoking. The tutor and course leader were very supportive. Thank you

A.M, London

I started the Certificate in Counselling Skills course with The Awareness Centre in January and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I feel I have learned so much in such a short time. Our tutor Bonny is excellent and is always ready to answer questions with a wealth of experience and knowledge; her passion for Counselling and for teaching our course really shines through. I’m lucky that I get to share the course with some brilliant people too, we have such a diverse and interesting group; I’ve really learned so much from everyone I’m working with.

Through the course my own personal development has been really interesting – to recognise my strengths but also areas that I was not aware of that needed more improvement, but this has still been a very positive process for me and I believe that although the work is always ongoing; I am a much better person for this course and look forward to continuing working on myself to become a good Counsellor in the future.

The training team has been excellent and very supportive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both TAC and the course to anyone.

Will Barnes

Excellent tutor and standard of teaching. Cannot rate Karen highly enough.

A.M, Leatherhead

I have recently completed the first module of the TAC foundation certificate. I think the quality of the teaching is very good, and the tutor has managed group dynamics very skilfully. She has ensured everyone gets an opportunity to contribute to discussions, and the way she has structured the training has maximised the opportunities for learning, both from her and from each other. I am enjoying the course and I recommend it to anyone who is keen to learn about person-centred counselling.

Peter Dunn

The Foundation Course in Counselling is a very well put together course. The information is relevant, well-structured into modules and thoroughly explained by our wonderful tutor Karen. I enjoy the triads group practices more than anything else. It is through this personal development group that I personally make the most sense of the theory we are learning about. There is ample time for reading and reflection in the weeks that separate the meetings. I feel that I have grown as a person by embarking on this course, learning about the core conditions of person centred therapy and applying them to my relationships. It’s been a wonderful experience so far and I would recommend this course if you are looking for a safe environment in which to learn and practice basic counselling skills.

Laura Rader