Pavol pavol gabaj
Works with:Individuals
Languages:English, Slovak, Czech
Locations:LCCS Clapham
Enhanced DBS Checked

Pavol Gabaj

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-Esteem

  • Workplace Issues

Pavol, an existential therapist, champions a client-centered approach that encourages individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and introspection, exploring their existence, life choices, and personal meaning within the therapeutic space he creates. Existential therapy, deeply valued by Pavol, places an unwavering emphasis on individual responsibility, freedom, and the quest for life’s meaning. During sessions with Pavol, clients engage in open dialogues, bravely confronting life’s fundamental questions, gaining clarity on their values and authentic selves. In the client-therapist relationship Pavol fosters, qualities such as presence, empathy, and authenticity take center stage. Through active listening and empathetic guidance, Pavol empowers clients to unearth their own insights and solutions, avoiding the imposition of preconceived answers, addresses concerns including anxiety, identity crises, nurturing self-awareness and resilience.

With eight years of dedicated experience, Pavol has served a diverse client base within supported housing settings, expertly addressing various mental health needs. In the role of a support officer, Pavol adeptly managed medication, crafted personalised support plans, conducted rigorous needs assessments, and executed comprehensive risk evaluations, including the meticulous preparation of documentation for the London council’s mental health pathway. Pavol’s professional journey extends to working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team comprising social workers, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, substance abuse counsellors, family members, and mental health advocates, ensuring comprehensive mental health support. Furthermore, as a volunteer counselling psychologist at the City and East London Bereavement Service, Pavol generously offered pre and post-bereavement counselling. Their personal experience with loss passionately fuels their commitment to a career as a counsellor, dedicated to guiding others on their unique journeys.

Pavol is an existential/integrative counsellor and holds membership in the BACP. He currently serves within The Awareness Centre’s low-cost counselling service in Clapham, continually working toward full accreditation in his counselling practice.

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