Denise Sims
Denise Sims
Works with:Individuals, Couples, Groups
Locations:TAC Clapham

Denise Sims

  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Stress

Denise Sims offers confidential face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy with the aim of helping people to gain a greater understanding of why they feel the way they do, and as a consequence how to manage their lives. Denise believes counselling and psychotherapy is a collaborative venture in which you work together to build a therapeutic relationship. Her aim is to facilitate a safe, supportive and authentic environment that can help clients explore freely their difficulties as well as challenge their self-limiting beliefs and relationship patterns.

Denise is currently working towards her Masters in ‘Transactional Analysis’ Psychotherapy. She has previously obtained certificates in Humanistic Counselling Skills and Studies, Mindfulness and CBT. She has experience working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, health, illness, relationship issues, pregnancy and childbirth, self-harm, bereavement and loss. Denise is a member of the BACP and works within their guidelines.

Her approach to therapy is humanistic and in keeping with the ‘TA’ philosophy, Denise believes that people are born OK; people can think and have the capacity to change, achieve autonomy, spontaneity, awareness and intimacy.

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