Why therapy is an investment in yourself

When you make an investment – of time, energy or money – you want it to grow and bring greater returns to your life. You want to feel that all your efforts have been worthwhile.

It’s the same with therapy. Seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist every week is an investment of your time and emotions. Working through your issues takes energy and commitment. Ultimately, the reward is a freer, more conscious you. You’re able to cope better with life’s challenges, you don’t feel as stuck, and you have a stronger sense of who you are in the world. That’s some return on your investment.

At The Awareness Centre, we’re also making a major investment in our premises, our staff and our services.

Our centre has been gradually evolving towards talking therapies, and we’ve made the recent decision to focus solely on counselling and psychotherapy. That means from April 2014 we’ll no longer be offering complementary therapies. Not an easy decision, but one that feels right for our clients and our therapists.

Our aim is to offer a high-end clinical centre of excellence where client and therapist can meet in an environment of safety and trust. To create that environment, we’re about to complete a major refurbishment of our centre. We’re upgrading our furniture, refreshing our décor, and mentoring our team members to offer an even more professional and welcoming service.

What this means for clients

Our centre now offers a comprehensive range of talking therapies, from NHS work in Lambeth GP surgeries to low cost counselling, private therapy, LGBT and multilingual counselling, and couples and relationship counselling at our centre on Clapham’s Abbeville Road. We work with individuals, couples, families and groups, and we are also a private healthcare provider.

What this means for therapists

Our suite of airy, comfortable therapy rooms are available for one-to-one work, couples counselling and groups as well as for seminars and training. We offer the flexibility of booking on contract for long-term work, or for one-off sessions by the hour – offering you the opportunity to expand your practice at your own pace in an environment that will reflect and enhance your professionalism and expertise.

Working in a plush new environment is confidence building for clients and therapists alike. If you’re a client looking for a therapist, or a therapist looking to expand your practice, call 020 8673 4545 or email info@theawarenesscentre.com to speak to a member of our team.

You’ll feel it’s worth your investment.

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